Time & Attendance

Akshay Microprocessors presents various models in Time & Attendance recording. Our fast, accurate and easy-to-use systems are designed to record employees' working hours and site attendance. Various features are available on our Time & Attendance models. Function Keys are available which can be programmed for any specific task. Huge logs memory is available which is arranged date-wise to easily re-download the required date specific logs.

For workshop and for usage in organizations where every employee is not having computer or network access, Akshay offers most advanced Time & Attendance Kiosks. These Kiosks are available in various models and they are designed as per customer's choice. Our Kiosks not only store the IN/OUT logs but can enable user to apply for leave, Out Duty, Shift Change request, Check the attendance, Shift schedule, OT schedule and many more...


All our models of readers and kiosk are supported by the Akshay ATMS software. ATMS  is  versatile software which can be tailored to suit your organizations requirements. ATMS handles all your Time & Attendance needs in a single Integrated Management System.


Akshay Time & Attendance systems are suitable for every size of organization.

Door Access Control

Akshay Door Access Control System (ADACS) is useful to allow access to the selected employees into the restricted area. ADACS can be used to control door releases like EM Lock, Tripods, Turnstiles and Barriers etc. Door Access can be controlled in both directions (Entrance & Exit) using RFID Card, Fingerprint or Exit Switch.

Various alerts like Door Open, Duress etc are captured and sent to the server online. There is provision to interface with Fire Alarm system which enables free access in case of fire alarm.


Separate version of ADACS designed to comply with various compliances needed by Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Canteen Management

Akshay Microprocessors Canteen Management System (ACMS) would provide an interface to company employees, to select the menu of their choice and would pay for the same  using Pre-paid cards/Cash/Other coupons.


On successful transaction, a receipt of the order is printed which the employee will submit to the canteen counter to avail the order.


Akshay has introduced many version of interactive and self service Kiosks for various applications such as,

  • Employee Time and Attendance kiosk
  • Visitor Self Service Kiosk
  • Cafeteria and Canteen management Kiosk
  • Customized application Kiosk

These self service kiosks are accessible through the use of Biometric access, RFID, Mifare cards or Pre and post paid cards. Apart from the desired applications, these kiosks can be used for advertisement, display of corporate information, Company News & Notices, Birthday Greetings, Shift Schedule, Leave Records, Safety and legal compliance and a variety of other information during the period when they are not being used.

Many kiosk designs and models and their variants are offered. Salient features of these Kiosks are,

  • Customized application software support
  • Fast and powerful CPU
  • Big touch screen size ranging from 17" to 42"

  • Choice of operating system between Linux and Windows
  • Option of Wall Mounted or Floor Mounted installation
  • Customized designs as per customer requirement
  • Choice of RFID Card, Bar Code, Biometric (Fingerprint/Face Recognition/IRIS)

Visitors Management

Akshay Visitor Management Software (AVMS)  is a network-based application that allows you to book visitor  appointments in advance and pre-book on site contractors. These bookings can be made via user’s Internet browser.


When appointment is booked, notification emails are sent to both,  the visitor and their host. The email  inform them of appointment’s date, time and location.


AVMS generates analytical Visitor Reports which help management to get the real picture of Visitors and host employees meeting the visitors.

Vending Machine Controller

AVMC is a RFID/Biometric Device which can be installed in any Beverage Vending Machine. People can use their attendance cards or registered Fingers to avail beverages like Tea, Coffee, Soup etc. Beverages can be availed on a Pre-paid or Post-paid basis with various payment options.


This devices can be embedded on the Vending machine or separately mounted as per carfomer  convenience. The AVMC can be connected to Admin PC via Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface.


Various reports can be generated as per admin requirements.

Cloud Applications

Our  wide  range  of  Cloud  based  offerings  with  comprehensive  services  and  cost-effective approach will help you meet your technology and business objectives.

The  cloud  demands  high  levels  of  trust  between  the  customers  and  the  service provider.  The  ability  to  earn  the  trust  of  customers  is  what  differentiates between service providers and what keeps even the simplest of cloud infrastructure services from becoming  commodities.

AkshayCloud  is a  trusted cloud partner who can help  customers in adopting cloud services by   incorporating  hardware,  services,  software,  consulting  and managing service expertise to make the cloud, a viable option for enterprise needs.